Prizes 2022

Bellevue Ocean Race prizes
In 2022 we have prize money of DKK 5000 for the fastest woman (SS1) and for the fastest man (SS1) over all (regardless of age class)

SS1: There will be up to 3 prizes in each class - women and men in U23 (<=23 years), Senior (24-49 years) and Master classes (50+ years).
SS2: Up to 3 prizes for fastest SS2's (women, men and mix, no age classes)

1-3 paticipants: 1 prize
4-6 participants: 2 prizes
7 participants or more: 3 prizes.

Nordic Championship medals
The Nordic Championships are part of the Bellevue Ocean Race. The Nordic Championship medals can only be won by participants from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden).

SS1: There will be up to 3 medals in each class (women and men in U23, Senior and Master classes).
SS2: Up to 3 medals for fastest SS2's (women, men and mix, no age classes)


Besides the money prizes we will ALSO compete for:
• 2 paddles, 2 nice wetsuits and a pair of Oakley sunglasses from Kano & Kajak Butikken
• A paddle from Dansprint
• Gift cards from Kajak Centrum
• Nice commodities from Aterra
• A giftcard from Kysthusene
And the are T-shirts from Dansprint to all participants!!!
Thanks a lot to our sponsors!
Also thanks to Gentofte Kommune for supporting the race!