Klampenborg Kajak og Kanoklub is preparing for the 9th Bellevue Ocean Race

Date: June 1st and 2nd 2024

Great downwind conditions
We will do our best to create great surfski downwind races. To ensure good downwind conditions, we have 3 race venues in the beautiful northern part of Sealand.

International racing
Once again we hope for an international race - and we would be happy to have even more countries represented.

So far we have had participants from Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and the Netherlands.

SS1 & SS2:
We will have races for both SS1 og SS2. The SS1 race will be on Saturday and the SS2 Race on Sunday. SS1 are welcome to join the SS2 race for training. The races will be approximately 25 k.

Social gatherings
We will arrange a get together on Saturday evening.

More information
You will be updated on webtracking, prizes, race venues etc. on this site and on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bellevueoceanrace/ 

We hope that you will join the 2024 race!

Time left to register: